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It is easy to prove that it is difficult to prove it.


A husband's rights, in my opinion is a kind of grace.


I don't have any value, I don't deserve to bother you.


Everything from the Tao to grow, and then return to the road.


Perhaps from an ancient character, I am proud to disdain force.


If the light is to blame and I will be good for you, then you will be free.


Sometimes people have to lie, but self deception is unforgivable.


In a second time in the past, each one minute delay may be irreversible.


A man because of love you and was your contempt, this people is how long ah?


Well, dear, when a person is in love with you, what he said is not true words.


I abandoned the trivial, mediocre life, give yourself to sacrifice and pray for life.


If we just don't want to taunt each other in this way, things are what progress.


There is only one way to win people's hearts, and that is to make people think you should be loved.


If a man can't win a woman's love, it will be his fault, not hers.


To understand a man's mind, the best way is to put yourself from his point of view.


Women often think that men are crazy about them. In fact they did not.


I believe that in a plague, those who died because of fear are not less than those who died because of the disease.


Vanity was hit in the hearts of women arouse hatred, would be better than under the slaughter of the lioness cub.


A man deeply loves a woman, does not mean that he would like to spend the rest of his life with her.


If anyone has something to say, it will not be long before humans probably will not speak.


I try my best to keep my love to the limit, or else I know that I can't bear the consequences.


Neither unextinguishable love if he loves her sooner or later will xinruan, will be unable to extricate themselves and continue to love her.


We are not living in a no human habitation on the island, we have bound social relations. You need to be sensible.


Love is everything to me, you are everything to me. But it's just a little episode for you, how can I get it?


At first I'm sure you'll be scared, but when you're able to calm down, you're not going to be there. That is a kind of experience that is not available to everyone.


You know, my dear child, in peace, in the work is not found, it is not in joy, nor in the world or the monastery, it exists only in the human soul.


If to abuse I can make you satisfied, I think I have no right to complain. The woman is always limited, in their eyes, the man is always the wrong party. In fact, the other party is not innocent, blameless.


I don't have a dream about you. I know you silly, frivolous, emptiness of mind, but I love you. I know your intentions, your ideal, your snobbish, vulgar, but I love you. I know you are a second rate. But I love you.


Remember, you are not worth a duty, it is boast of your duty, like a dirty hand wash as behoove. The only precious is the responsibility of love, when love and duty be made one, you will be great. You will enjoy a kind of happiness that cannot be said.


So humble and silent love you, I'm not good at speaking, I do not hypocritical affectation, always think less, my eyes were full of is not empty, except from the heart love to God and thank you, I have to go and never have any regrets, is still deeply and don't give up.

31、我并非学历显赫,也非头脑聪慧。我仅仅是一个再普通不过的年轻女人。自幼至今,陪伴我的人喜欢什么,我也喜欢什么。 很遗憾我并未成为你期望的那种女人。而我不幸地发现你是那种天生不可亲近的人。对此你恐怕不能责怪我。

I am not a distinguished academic, nor a brain. I'm just a young woman in general. Since, to accompany my people love what I love, what. I'm sorry I didn't become the kind of woman you expected. Unfortunately, I find that you are the kind of person who can't be close to you. I'm afraid you can't blame me for that.


Never know, why do people fall in love with another person? I guess there's a gap in our hearts, and we're eager to fill it with a heart filled with cold wind. Even if you are like the sun perfectly round, but the gap in my heart, perhaps it is a crooked jagged, you can not fill.


I have an idea, that only can free us from the world in disgust, even if is the chaos, people still continue to create beautiful things out. People describe the painting, write music, books, and people's life. And one of the most rich people is beautiful, beautiful life. That is a perfect artistic masterpiece.


I don't know too much about it. Life is so strange, strange. I like a person for a lifetime limited outlook suddenly saw the sea. I am out of breath, and at the same time interest. I don't want to die, I want to live. I feel a new hope. I was like a stubborn old sailor, and the sail set sail to the unknown sea. My heart is longing for the unknown world.


Every time I think of you and me together it is pleasant, and every time I see the joy in your eyes, I am in ecstasy. I try my best to keep my love to the limit, or else I know that I can't bear the consequences. I always pay attention to your looks, if you tired of showing a point I will change the way traces. A husband's rights, in my opinion is a kind of grace.


I never know why people fall in love with another person, I guess maybe our hearts have a gap, it is an empty, whistling into the soul, filling the biting cold wind, so we urgently need a shape of heart to fill it, even if you the sun is round is perfect, but the gap in my heart, but perhaps it is a crooked jagged, so you can not fill.

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