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Youth is like a rose with thorns. If there is a good side, there must be a thorny side.


How far a person can go depends on who is with him; how excellent a person is depends on who is with him; how successful a person is depends on who is with him.


Learning to be perfect is the wisdom of life and a realm of life. Especially in today's society, which advocates individuality and self, it is even more difficult to accomplish others.


In this era of arrogance and personality, our unruly young people always love to show themselves. This group of post-90s, who had never been regarded as good ones, used their own way to render their youthful demeanor.


Only through hell-like torture can we conquer heaven. Only the bleeding fingers can play the world's best song.


Youth is a song of struggle and a romantic poem. It enriches my life and broadens my horizon. I hope that youth will stay and have an eternal youth.


But don't indulge your desires. It's like a whirlpool, which will turn you into an abyss. Real youth should learn to master the direction.


The first youth is given by God; the second youth is made by oneself.


In the sunshine of gloomy walking, the other world is waving to me. Can you say you don't want me to go? Let me accompany you.


Youth is a leaf. When it hangs on a tree, it wants to break away. After it breaks away, it wants to hang on a tree. It spends its time in ignorance, but regrets in knowing.


Youth runs through the rainbow, courage overwhelms cowardice, enterprise overwhelms safety. Such vigor, weak crown after birth, ear Shun's year, is also common, age is increased, not aging; ideals abandoned, fall into old age.


Life gives us a huge and infinite noble gift, which is youth: full of strength, full of expectations, volunteers, full of aspirations for knowledge and struggle, full of hope and confidence.


Thank you for liking me before. I also like myself. Thank you so much for the time we spent together, even when we finally separated. It's a sad and sweet memory of my youth.


Hurry, short-term, fantasy is the youth of our generation. They are like rivers, close communication, trickling through our own mature mind, and finally converge to form our huge youth.


Youth is a pilgrimage. Whatever this journey brings, it will finally be a transformation.


Old people talk about youth is a happy memory on the face, young people talk about youth is a yearning vision on the face, and we live in youth is always sad and sad.


I am looking forward to the youth of fleeting years, have stopped together to see the Buddhist pagoda sunset, heavy door Sanskrit singing, and now, the pagoda is still, where are people going?


Youth road is the road of growth, not lack of flowers, not lack of thorns, full of happiness, but also must have trauma. It is the pain of growth, the cruelty of maturity.


Writing is full of youth, stirring up the hearts of blood; wielding light pen and ink, feeling the struggle of life.


Youth forever, the campus still exists, we flee from the campus after you are a charming or garbage, see is your awareness.


In the bright daylight, the past goes by in many ways. Fortunately, in all kinds of misery, we are still together in a thousand turns.


Why do you fill the same bottle with poison? Same psychology, why are you full of troubles?


Youth, simple two words, but how people remember, lingering forget to return, but how many children are heartbroken, shed tears! Let the grown-up children not dare to do it again! uuuuuuuuuuu


Youth is also the sun in winter. The warm sunshine shines on the earth, stretches out both arms, and takes a deep breath in the midwinter morning. It's so fresh. You will find that every day the sun is new.


The beauty of youth is not the famous fashion popular in the street; the melody of youth is not the lingering sadness of guitar playing; the elegance of youth is not the coy of swaying arms and buttocks; the joy of youth is not the flying suburbs of wheels.


There are many such miracles in life. Sometimes they can be done easily. The difference lies in extraordinary beliefs.


Gratitude is the source of happiness. Know how to be grateful, you will find that everything around you is so beautiful.


Youth is like a symphony, playing the brilliant and colorful life; Youth is like a script, interpreting the colorful life; Youth is like life, let us thrive.


The purpose of experiencing youth once in a lifetime is to listen to the voice of a flower, to see the silence of a flower, and then to leave.


Man cannot step into the same river twice, nor can he have two youth. But such a truth is often understood only after the passage of time; when we begin to understand, youth has become a distant past.


Youth is a melodious section of the movement, a beautiful scene of the film, a relaxed journey, a heart of ignorance, the germination of love, the passing of childlike innocence, the season of ideal establishment.


Green, is green, is the color of life, spring, is the season, is the growing season, youth is born in the growing season of the green life, is the sunshine that brilliant smile.


The world is not taken for granted. Sometimes it's good for you. Sometimes it's bad for you. Don't always take others'kindness for granted.


Youth is a time full of vigor, a time of constant mistakes and corrections, a time of boldness and commitment, and a song of praise without regret!


For climbers, it's not a pity to lose track of the past. It's dangerous to lose track of the past.


Youth is a pool of water, whether open or tight, can not flow through the thin years from the fingers.


This time when I leave you, it's the wind, the rain and the night; when you laugh, I wave my hand, and a lonely road stretches to both ends.


What I remember is not the pure scenery, but standing in the scenery to kill the people I don't recognize; what I miss is not the old time, but the love that I never mentioned in the time.


Whose eyes touch whose eyebrows; whose smiles withstand whose tears; whose heart carries whose reincarnation; whose palm print redeems whose sins.


The oblique light is quietly dim, and even the beautiful waltz is about to end, so that this unique play is more like a play. Under the beautiful curtain, there is a lingering sigh.