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No, again.


Let the future come, let the past pass.


The ideal is full, the reality is very skinny.


Nonsense is the first sentence of interpersonal relations.


People, beautiful life is not as good as live.


To be respectful to others is to be in the majesty of your own.


To avoid the reality of the people, the future will be even more unsatisfactory.


Never distorted the goodwill of others, hopeless.


Beauty makes a man stop, wisdom makes a man stay.


Really bad guys are not terrible, terrible is a false good man.


The world will give way to those who have goals and vision.


Have a selfless love, they have everything.


In fact, the beauty of the people, but with their own love it.


No mention not because of forgotten, but because the mind.


Humor is the time when a person wants to cry and laugh.


Falling in love is like peeling onions. There is always one layer that will make you cry.


Time will always be in the past, let time flow away your troubles!


Tiny happiness is in the side, easy to meet is paradise.


Anyone can become vicious, as long as you tried envy.


Love is always more holy than marriage, marriage is always better than love.


There is no desperate situation in the world, only those who are in desperate condition.


That a lie, to fabricate ten lies to make up, why bother?


Provide a nice treat, only for others, but not necessarily for the happiness.


For those who insist on love, remember to stick to it, but do not hurt for love


Love is like the sand in the hand, the tighter the grip, the more quickly the loss.


The voyage of discovery lies not in the discovery of the new world, but in the development of a new perspective.


The biggest difference is that the latter has the right to comment on the former.


Mature heart is not getting old, but the tears still smile in the eyes.


Sigh is a waste of time, crying is a waste of effort acts.


Can fire assay, a woman may try to use gold, men may try to use a woman.


Sometimes, not the other side does not care about you, but you look at the other side is too heavy.


You simply try to see things very seriously, so you will be very painful.


Romance is a beautiful evening gown, but you can't wear it.


Happiness can be obtained through study, although it is not our mother tongue.


There is a side effect of success, that is, the past approach to the same in the future.


The busy is not busy doing the work well, the commom;cynical live wonderful.


The most wonderful life is not the moment to realize the dream, but to keep the dream of the process.


Not everyone can live a low key, can be low-key foundation is at any time can be a high profile.


To do all the ordinary things well, that is not trivial, to do all the simple things that are not simple.


Everyone is born when the original, sadly, many people gradually became piracy.


Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.


The most contradictory place between lovers is the fantasy of each other's future, but thinking about each other's past.


The reason why people live tired, because not put shelf, tear open face, can not solve the plot.


Everything, regardless of success or failure, as long as the experience. This life, this is in order not to lose to oneself.


Hatred is never overcome hatred, only tolerance to dissolve the hatred, this is an eternal truth.


If you are afraid of losing the right to give up, then life will lose its meaning.


Dream is a beautiful journey, each person before they find it, they are all alone.


There is no absolute happiness in the world a happy marriage, happiness only comes from the infinite tolerance and mutual respect.


Like a person, is together very happy; love a person, even if not happy, also want to be together.


You better than to complain, for the fact that can not be changed, you in addition to accept, there is no better way.


When most people are concerned about you fly high is not high, only a few people care about you fly tired, this is friendship.


Do not because of the ignorance of all sentient beings, and bring their own troubles. Don't suffer your own ignorance because of the ignorance of sentient beings.


If you are ready to get married, tell you a very important philosophical saying, you must bear with each other's shortcomings.


When I was young, I took a lot of photos, placed in the living room for others to see; wait until the old, just understand that the photos are taken to their own.


Give a sincere, will be sincere, but may hurt the thorough; to maintain distance, to protect themselves, but destined to always lonely.


What you have now will become others with your death, so why not give it to those who really need it now?


Be sure to learn English well, but English is definitely not the whole thing of your life. 


A great man is great, because he was with others in the face of adversity, others lose confidence, he was determined to achieve their goals.


You can choose to adhere to, you can choose to give up. No right or wrong. I mean, it's about love, but it's important to keep your options.


In order to distinguish the level of society, there is only one way, that is competition, you must work hard, otherwise the outcome is being pressed at the bottom of the society.


Or text or martial, I mean you have to have the same place, everything is the taboo of the people. Everything is a few more through the realm.


The same bottle of beverage, convenience store 2 dollars, five-star hotel in 60, a lot of time, a person's value depends on the location of the.


To regret is a feeling of loss of spirit, a greater loss than loss itself and a bigger mistake than mistake itself, so never regret. But remember to reflect


Praise us, praise us, this is not a teacher. We speak to instruct us, this is the mentor, we will progress with them.


Others say we are not good, do not angry, sad. Said we do not have to be happy, this is not good, good, good in the bad, will see you will not use?


Coffee bitter and sweet, does not lie in how to mix, but lies in whether the sugar; a pain, not in how to forget, but lies in the courage to start again.


A person can go far, to see who he has counterparts; how good a person, to see who he was pointing; how successful a person, to see who he accompanied.


Among thousands of people, meet people you've met; in thousands of years, with the boundlessness of time, no early step, and no later step, which happened to catch up.


Life is but a list, you want, you do not, the calculation is too clear people are usually very smart, but, in return for the trouble is countless and hard.


Busy is a kind of happiness, let us no time to experience pain; rush is a kind of happiness, let us truly feel the life; fatigue is a kind of enjoyment, let us no time to empty.


Never laugh at your teacher's ignorance or dull, because one day when you found out that you used to be sleepy to mock the teacher, you have already touched a lot of nails in the society.


Man is not bad, but the habit of it, everyone has a habit, but the depth is different. As long as he has a good heart, can be forgiven to forgive him, not to him as a bad guy.


Don't dream of being the darling of the job fair, when you know that seventy percent of the junior high school students can go to college, you should understand that people don't go to the majority of a group.


Everyone in the world is finishing the two big accumulation: the accumulation of knowledge and experience; the accumulation of capital and credit. When you think you've accomplished the two, you want to be successful.


There is no one in the world who can achieve success by the power of one's own. There must be a lot of people who are consciously or unconsciously to help you, and you should always be grateful to them.


Some things, knowing it is a wrong, also want to insist, because not reconciled; some people, knowing it is a love, and also want to give up, because there is no end; sometimes, knowing that there was no road, still in progress, because the habit.


You have to accommodate those who have different views with you, so that children are better. If you want to change him, then you will be very painful. Learn how to bear him. You have to learn how to accommodate him is.


Calm look at life, quiet to do their own. Life is actually very simple, as long as we cherish a thankful heart, to return to society, stretched out his hands, do something to lift a finger, face life with a smile, and life will be more beautiful.


Every one of us will inevitably have shortcomings and disappointments in life, perhaps we can not change the facts, and we can change the attitude of these things just look at. To deal with the shortcomings and suffering in life with a peaceful attitude.


Real happiness in life is the joy of the soul, it is sometimes not necessarily linked to external material life. True happiness comes from the mind of power, wealth, from a cultural exchange and communication, is from the good friends.