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Youth, you are the bird whispering on the tree tops in the morning, you are the carrier pigeon flying in the blue sky, you are the diary that will never fade in my memory, you are the hymn that will always sing in my life!


If I can, I'd like to go back to that era and review it again, because I really care if you put me in the bottom of your heart. Would you think of you inadvertently, like me?


Some words, suitable for rotten in the heart, some pain, suitable for silent and endless forget. When you experience it, you grow up and know it for yourself. A lot of changes, you don't need to say it yourself, others will see it.


Youth is like Bobby sugar. It has a sweet appearance. And its surface is indeed very sweet, yearning, longing, but the inner is not so sweet, it also has its own acid, belongs to its bitterness.


To change our lives, the first step is to change our mindset. As long as the mind is right, our world will be bright.


The most painful thing in the world is not the separation of life and death, but the exam. Others are reviewing and I am preparing.


Do you know what the flower language of the stars is? Is willing to play a supporting role, no one knows I have always loved you.


Night is still like water, rain dripping down, drifting into the eaves of the rain, wetting the pages of youth, the wind along my sleepiness, into my dream, blowing the word youth, and fragmented in the morning dawn wake up.


Fenglin dyed with fire, Qionghu singing month, long song leaning towers. Every year, before and after flowers, a fragrant wine. The water falls into the red lotus, only heard of the jade robe, but the feeling is still the same.


Drink up this graduation bar! It is the dew of life! It will inject victory into the future, it will stay on our lips and tongues, leaving endless aftertaste.


The rudder of fate is struggle. Don't have any fantasy, don't give up a little chance, don't stop working hard for a day.


Even the most hopeless thing, as long as there is a brave person to persevere in doing, in the end there will be hope.


I always remember that youth is a beautiful thing, and for me it is always a source of inspiration.


Raise your head, look up at the sky, the blue curtain is full of eyeballs; bow your head, down-to-earth, muddy yellow earth lingering.


Simple life is not easy, because to live simply, you must not think too much.


If we can't keep the youth, we will burn it in youth; if we can't keep the pace of time, we will try to catch up with it; if we can't keep the youth, we will hold the hand of time tightly, so that our life can not be wasted.


Face the past with the least regret, the present with the least waste, and the future with the most dreams.


Don't refuse to say that beautiful oath because it may change. Don't dare to ask for a heart-to-heart encounter because it may be separated.


When you face things with worry, you will feel that everything is karma, and the world will become ugly and hateful.


Everyone's youth, eventually, can not escape a love. Here, there is love, affection, joy and happiness, but there is no eternity.


I know that there is no such thing as a river that crosses the years, and what else can't be drowned? What else can I keep? I think, only memory?


I like the vigor of tender and sentimental spring, because it brings me hope and peace. However, the relentless storm in summer is my favorite, because it symbolizes the passion of youth.


Know all over the bruises, then come to alcohol anesthesia. Although the taste of beer entrance is bitter and astringent, but you gently let it flow through the tip of your tongue, and then taste it carefully, your tongue is like a fragrant flower in full bloom.


If the end is happy, I would rather bear all the pain; if the end is painful, I would rather give up all the happiness.


Youth is an unexpected confession. Just like I've been standing behind you, it doesn't matter whether you see or not. I'm not afraid that you will never see me standing in a corner. I'm just afraid that one day you will leave.


Think of the past youth years, at that time between people simple but sincere, although the life is bitter, but it is full, and very happy.


Youth is two-sided, with your heart to exchange for angel's love, so your voice will always echo.


What if her strategies were innumerable times better than his? The person who begs for love takes pains, and the person who does not love does not need any means, so he can crush her with no effort.


He who is frustrated at setbacks is always a loser. But always strive hard, perseverance will lead to success.


Remember, on the road of youth, we must bravely face adversity, even if we can not realize our original dream, we will open the door of another dream.


We always envy the beautiful flowers blooming on the edge of the cliff because the places where the flowers are in full bloom are beyond our reach.


I remember a few scattered fragments left, and he gave me good advice and gifts. May you have a good night and a warm and sunny day.


Stand in youth, beautiful everywhere. Even if there are so many troubles, the regrets there can not be forgotten, but in your eyes, the blank youth is as important and as beautiful. 


If you stand in the paddy field will change, because everything will be vicissitudes of life, but the sun often appears, shining on you and me, will become the fate of the connection.


The hourglass of time deposits the past that cannot be escaped, and the hands of memory always pick up those bright sorrows. Fanghua's wings, scratched painful memories; Yesterday's tears, arouse the ripple in the heart.


Youth has been taken away by years, years have drifted with the tide, we miss your lost youth!


No kind of carmine can daub time, no dress can hide soul, no set of ancient books can decorate emptiness.


Youth's heart is so ups and downs, he needs a sailor to sail this uncertain boat to the light. Hold the direction well, never be confused; Hold yourself well; Never be sad.


If one day we are lost in the crowd, mediocre life, it is because we did not strive to live a rich life.


If life is colorful, then youth is one of the most gorgeous plants. If people are living and quiet, then youth must be one of the most energetic.