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Friendship and love are good companions for the lonely soul in the journey. Friendship is light as tea, love is strong as wine; good tea is fragrant and thirsty, and good wine is mellow and intoxicating.


There are always a few such friends around me. When I first met them, I was in a good mood. When I got familiar with them, I didn't know which neurological hospital they were released from.


You miss the time when you publicized youthful self, you remember only because I happened to be there.


The life of former classmates is a bunch of ice-sugar gourds. The charming sweetness and sour will never end.


I don't like to compare our friendship to a chain; it may be rusted by rain or broken by fallen trees.


True good friends, mutual loss will not turn their faces, money will not care about, regardless of status, success does not need to falter, failure will not leave.


Friendship is a ray of sunshine that warms people's hearts; friendship is a small spring in the vast desert; friendship is also a haven for shelter.


Friendship can ask for nothing, but it has a kind of warmth that we can all realize.


With the growth of age, there are more and more friends around us, but there will be fewer and fewer sincere friends. Only those who remain are real friends.


Whether you believe in our friendship or not, please remember that as long as you look back, I will be there for you.


Friendship, a lofty and beautiful friendship based on mutual respect, deep sympathy, no malicious envy of other people's achievements, and cultivate a sense of collective interest above all else for oneself.


True good friends, mutual loss will not turn their faces, alienation will not be suspicious, money will not care, regardless of status, success does not need to falter, failure will not leave.


Friendship is a kind of interpersonal relationship. Making friends is a human instinct. In the midst of adversity, we need the help, support and encouragement of our friends. Achievements have been made, and we need friends to share our joy.


Friendship is the purest, noblest, simplest and most ordinary feeling. It is also the most romantic, moving, solid and eternal emotion.


Even if we are slowly air-dried, oxidized and skin wrinkles, we should also look at each other and laugh, hand in hand through the wind and rain! With you and your company, what's wrong with withering?


Real friends, hurt you in front of you, in front of outsiders desperately defend you.


Friendship is like old wine brewed for a long time. The longer it is, the more fragrant it is. Friendship is like bright roses. The fragrance of friendship is like an ancient town that has experienced wind and frost. The older it is, the more beautiful it is.


Rain and wind or sunny days, misunderstanding and dispute or sweetness, regardless of success or failure, glory and ordinary, I care about you to support you and understand you, because I chose you as my friend. I wish you happiness every day.


Even though we don't spend much time together, the so-called friendship doesn't care how long we spend together.


Even the best friends should keep a certain distance, as Rilke said, the highest level of friendship is to guard each other's loneliness.


Every period of youth will be old, but I hope you will always be good in memory.


I want to be your lifelong friend, with you, face the difficulties of life with a smile.


Friendship is indispensable to human life, but it is not easy to get true friendship. Friendship needs to be sown with loyalty and irrigated with enthusiasm.


Friends are not the first to come or the oldest to know, but the one who never left after coming.


You can't deny that these years, these people who accompany you laughing in graduation photos, will be a beautiful memory that can never be forgotten.


As long as you don't give up, I will accompany you all my life. Friendship or love.


Fortunately, in my best years, I met a person who is willing to accompany me crazy. Thank you for being with me all the time.


When you are high, your friends know who you are; when you fall, you know who your friends are.


Friends who are close to me will miss them. They must meet once every other month or two. They feel warm together without saying anything.


Friendship is a coniferous tree. When you don't respect it and trample on it, it will erect thorns to protect itself.


A friend who knows your tears is better than a group of friends who only know your smile.


Every warmth and friendship in the world, every concern and blessing among friends, is a blend of heart and soul! I cherish every friend in my life who is close to me!


Friends are the stars in the sky. They try to shine, even if they are bright or dead, but they always exist.


You can be lovelorn ten times, but you can't be lost once, my friend.


My friend, your voice floats in my heart like the murmur of the sea among the listening pines.


Every warmth and friendship in the world, every concern and blessing among friends, is a blend of heart and soul!


We are red-faced in argument, but we can still have no grudge, which is probably the best tacit understanding between you and me.


I miss things when I don't see them, I hate them when I see them, I can bully myself, and others can't bully strange things.


Friendship is like a zero-deposit bank. If you don't usually add emotions, once you need the support of friends to tide over the difficulties, you will find a blank in the deposit slip.


A good friend is someone who knows what you want to say even if you typed many wrong words without correcting them.


Adding flowers to the brothers'brothers is a friend who gives charcoal in the snow. Happy people are brothers who share difficulties. They have a good heart and know each other well. They are bosom friends who have few bosom friends in their life.


Richness brings honor, richness creates friendship, and the poor are inferior everywhere.


Friendship is like blue sky and white clouds, love for birds, like earth, mountains and rivers, and acceptance of rivers. It is a sincere concern, a consolation of the soul, an exchange of love, a landscape that will never disappear.


Fang cun, calendar the vicissitudes of the world; time and space, carefully ask the world between summer and winter; is a friend, the stars change their hearts; is a bosom friend, the ends of the world remember.


True friends don't talk about friendship. They don't ask each other for something for friendship. They do everything they can for each other.


You and I went through all the hardships for our ideals, and then we went to the road of success. I hope you can still remember, always remember, that bright day full of passion for struggle.


Wealth is not a permanent friend, but a friend is a permanent wealth.


Ordinary heart, happy, happy, free from the cause of more joy; see more open, affordable, put aside, do not look at things in mind; bless you: happy heart every day, happy happiness every second.


There are many reasons for people to form friendship, either out of nature, out of contract, out of their own interests, or out of common interest.


Good friends can read the sadness in your eyes, while others believe the smile on your face.


Brothers are lifelong. It's no big deal to fight and fight together.


Life without friends is like life without sunshine; if you want to have perfect friendship, you may never find friends.


We are about to enter a new life. There is still a long way to go. Let's cherish today's youth and the feelings between friends, and use the true feelings to water the buds of the feelings between friends.


Friendship can further become love, but love is no longer a friend.


To be happy with what one speaks, one must have another listen attentively. Good words win audiences and good listening wins friends.


I wish you warmth and joy forever. No matter where you are, I wish we could spin and miss under the same starry sky.


When I'm partial to my friends, don't tell me anything. I'm deaf.


Friends are not alienated because of distance, water is not blocked by stones, water rushes under bridges, mountains are difficult to separate friendship, friends are always heart-to-heart, true friends are worth thousands of gold, even if the mountains are long distances, mountains are difficult to separate from the sea.


There is a feeling that can be compared with love, although not delicate but long-term, it is called friendship.


True girlfriends are not necessarily inseparable, nor are they often together, but you will miss each other, care about each other, your feelings, never lost to time.