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Youth is like a bottle of pure mineral water, slightly tilted, and then tilted, it will flow away without hesitation.


Youth is so good that no matter how you live, you feel like a wave throwing. When you look back, you will regret it.


Youth is the crossroads of the traffic lights of life; Youth is the starting point for career; Youth is the best season in life.


Youth is not like a new dress, as if we can keep it fresh by wearing fewer clothes carefully. Youth, when we have it, we must wear it every day, and it will soon fade away.


There is only one way that can not be chosen, that is, the way to give up; there is only one way that can not be refused, that is, the way to grow up.


Youth is like mountains and rivers, stumbling all the way, leaving a scar, and every ditch will burst out a song.


Stand in youth, beautiful everywhere. Even if there are so many troubles, the regrets there can not be forgotten, but in your eyes, the blank youth is as important and as beautiful.


Years later, we may be proud of the shoulders of the next generation and say: I think Lao Tzu has experienced the financial turmoil for years, what else?


Youth is the messenger of years, with that happy words, brilliant smile, full of troubles in these years.


Know all over the bruises, then come to alcohol anesthesia. Although the taste of beer entrance is bitter and astringent, but you gently let it flow through the tip of your tongue, and then taste it carefully, your tongue is like a fragrant flower in full bloom.


Learn to bear, because there are always unexpected things happening in life. There is no choice but to bear them silently and face them bravely.


Even if I finish last, at least I'm athletic. And I will run the whole distance, as long as I reach the end, I will succeed!


Youth is a magnificent carnival, even if we can see the youth Carnival dance, but also is the elegy of prosperity and decline.


Youth is like a rose with thorns. If there is a good side, there must be a thorny side.


Youth is an amorous season. Naturally, many young men and girls swear to each other in the moonlight. However, they are pure, transparent, without any utilitarian dust, gentle as jade, warm as fire.


Youth is an age full of power and temptation. Active is youth, curiosity is youth, fun is youth. Cynicism is youth, all of us are youth.


In so many days gone by, how many beautiful stars were blown down by the youth in the wind, and then they began to fly all over the sky, becoming the heavy snow that moistened the golden crops.


Fenglin dyed with fire, Qionghu singing month, long song leaning towers. Every year, before and after flowers, a fragrant wine. The water falls into the red lotus, only heard of the jade robe, but the feeling is still the same.


If we are all children, we can stay in the place of time, sit together and listen to the stories that will never grow old while slowly looking at them.


Gratitude is the source of happiness. Know how to be grateful, you will find that everything around you is so beautiful.


Life always bruises us all over, but in the end, those injured places will become our strongest places.


Youth is fantasy, youth is capricious, youth is red, let me again for the few brilliant youth this season of youth.


It's not life that turns around at a fork in the road. Youth breaks up, careless debris, not only hurt the heart.


We should know how to cherish everyone around us, because looking back at the broken neck of previous generations, we will meet in this life.


Is that fading youth so vague and so clear an episode in my life? It's so far out of reach.


Only through hell-like torture can we conquer heaven. Only the bleeding fingers can play the world's best song.


Sunshine nurtures, water and dew moistens, giving life to all things inspired; land nurtures, rain and snow pours drops, pouring vitality into magical life.


It is not only a place for us to learn, but also a place for us to keep our youth. It is an eternal remembrance in our hearts.


Youth is short, and in this short time our task is very heavy. Let the flowers blossom heartily, as long as it is not a crime of wasting one's time, then I'd like to.


Although the taste of beer entrance is bitter and astringent, but you gently let him flow through the tip of the tongue, and then taste carefully, your tip of the tongue is like a fragrant blossom.


It is the beauty of youth, the joy of youth and the essence of youth to think boldly, think tirelessly and move forward.


Youth also has a helpless and restrained side, like a rose with thorns, looks gorgeous but full of thorns.


Youth is the first touch of new green in spring, breaking through the bleak and desolate winter, sending greetings to people in spring; Youth is the bright smiling face of children, unconstrained and carefree, bringing joy and vitality to people.


See the prosperity of 3000, eventually the flowers and leaves fall with the soil, see cherry blossoms all over the sky, but can not hide the mottled fleeting years. The bridge is still that bridge. The running water is still the same, but Yi has become a woman's husband.


Youth, like a grand and magnificent play, we have different masks, play different roles, interpret different experiences, but have the same sadness.


Old people talk about youth is a happy memory on the face, young people talk about youth is a yearning vision on the face, and we live in youth is always sad and sad.


Love is actually a habit. You are used to having him in your life. He is used to having you in his life. When two people get along for a long time, they naturally depend on each other.


To grasp youth is to dedicate this beauty to the great world, so that it can be indefinitely prolonged and its precious value can be embodied.


Youth is the sea of flowers in May. Youth is the endless waves on the seashore. Youth is the hot sun in midsummer.


Sometimes, suffered grievances, originally did not want to cry, but as long as others ask you what's wrong, will be unable to help but shed tears.