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2020-03-09 来源:迅搜宝 作者:蒋磊


The grilled fish in this family is really good. It's golden in color and fragrant. It's crispy outside and tender inside. It's green in skin and juicy in meat. It's full of color and fragrance.


There is no plum to break in the warm mountain, and the crab is unique to Jiangqing.


When a full with son, more Jianshi Ming floating chamomile.


From the moment you enter the kitchen, you are responsible for cooking. It's not about experience or position.


Pig meal in European and American kitchen, delicious beef meal in halal Chinese beef restaurant.


Yangzhou fresh bamboo shoots take advantage of shad fish, rotten cooking spring breeze in early March.


Eat three hundred lychees a day, do not refuse to be Lingnan people.


Only mutton soup was cooked in Qin Dynasty, and bear wax was used in Longhua.


When I first visited Tang'an for rice and job's tears, I could not reduce the carving of Hu Mei. Big as amaranth, white as jade, slippery like spoon fragrance.


Small chaos, small, thin skin, as long as a fish in the open water, you can put it into a bowl, eat a mouthful, delicious!


Food is nature. Chew quietly and savor gently. It's extraordinary.


I took the water bottle and poured boiling water into the cup. Suddenly, the Longjing tea in the water turned up and down like thousands of small fish. It was very beautiful.


Watermelon is not only delicious for its meat, but also for its skin. Remove the green skin and leave the white part. Cut it into pieces and stir fry it. It's a delicious dish.


Fresh crucian carp, celery and Bijian soup; Sichuan wine is invincible, and the fish is beautiful.


In the world, sweet and sour are as good as rivers.


As soon as the lid was opened, a strong smell of fish came, which aroused the slander in the stomach. On acid light smell not to eat, can also be slandered, appetite open!


The Sichuan people valued the celery buds and the turtle doves.


Beef hotpot of Chaoshan beef shop and farewell concubine of Shanghai best restaurant.


Taste gourmet, not taste menu, cook a pot of good food, not money.


When I see fish, my saliva flows. When I eat fish, I devour it.


Every city has its own street view and food, but without you, it seems to be the same.


This dish has all kinds of colors, which makes my mouth water. Look at the other dishes. They dazzle me.


Mom's fish is delicious. It's fresh, tender and juicy.


The water and red dates are like the stars in the sky, blinking mischievous eyes one by one.


Look at the fish on the table. It's delicious! I can't help but eat them all into my stomach.


There are many varieties of watermelon, including the seedless melon with sweet Tianjin, the explosive melon with crispy skin, the water melon with much water, and the small and exquisite Phoenix melon.


The fish with pickled vegetables is very good-looking. There are a lot of hot peppers on it, as well as a lot of smooth and moist fish with pickled vegetables.


When you cut it with a knife, you can see the red melon meat. There is no seed in it. Before you eat it, you can smell a light fragrance. When you take a bite, the tongue on your lips is stained with red at the same time.


Small cakes, such as chewing the moon, contain crisp and Yi.


Shandong grilled chicken in Laokai kitchen and roast goose in Liangji roast wax shop.


Nostalgia is the missing of taste. No matter how many years a person has been wandering outside, even if his accent has changed, he still has infinite thoughts on the food of his hometown.


Snow foam, milk, flower, Scutellaria, bamboo shoot, spring plate. The taste of the world is Qinghuan.


When the sauerkraut fish first comes up, the fragrant fragrance will immediately come to you. The fragrance will fill the room, ensuring that your saliva will flow.


With woad, yam, taro, radish miscellaneous for it, do not apply jam, mountain paozhen cooking also.


There are rattan vegetables in Fenghu lake, which are like the soup of Ulva.


Those ice sugar gourd red, shining in the sun, I don't know how many children yearn for eyes.


Frost and vegetables are light and sweet, while spring is near the record of young plants without Cayratia. When you come back, you can cook it. You don't need to add half baht salt cheese.


Salted duck skin is white, soft and tender, fat but not greasy, fragrant, fresh and delicious, with the characteristics of fragrance, crispness and tenderness.


Every city has different street views, different cuisines, different cultural customs, but without you, it seems to be the same.